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True Love is not something that is static.  You don't accomplish it once and keep it forever.  Some simple true love advice is to keep learning more about it.  Pay attention to what true love needs and you will learn to have more of it in your life.

True love can be "grown" within all your relationships.  All you need to do is to develop more relationship and emotional intelligence.  This is not difficult to do.  It can be developed and increased.  You can find true love and then learn to keep it. 

There are true love intimacy factors that are easy to understand and put to use in your relationship today.  Here are some of the factors as an introduction:

True Love Factor 1:  Learn to play.  The more play you have in your relationship, the more intimacy and closeness you feel.  We get into relationships to play and have fun, but over time this can be forgotten with the burden of job and children and adult responsibilities.  Remember this!  The more play, the more true love.

True Love Factor 2:  Learn to handle conflict.  You will have conflict in your relationship.  It doesn't mean that the true love is gone.  The depth of your pain and suffering in conflict is a sign of the depth of your love.  There are good things and bad things you can do during conflict.  Stop doing things that will damage your relationship.

True Love Factor 3:  Learn to make intimate requests.  This is one of the best things you can do to keep true love alive.  Learn to ask for what you need.  Don't expect your mate to be a mind reader.  "If they really loved me they'd know what I want" is adolescent fantasy.  If you aren't getting what you want, make sure to ask!

There are many other factors that help to build and maintain true love.  We were never taught any relationship skills in school.  We never got to take classes on love and intimacy and communication.  We never got to learn how to build on our passion and strengthen a marriage or relationship. 

So some simple but powerful advice is to keep learning!  Take courses, read books, watch Oprah, find our from friends what is working and not for them in their own quest for true love and living happily ever after. 

For example, one simple true love strategy that research has proven effective is to have a lot of small talk in your relationship.  That's it.  Small talk!  Why in the world could small talk help with true love?  Because couples that have more of it report more happiness and satisfaction in their relationships!  Apparently, checking in every day about schedules, challenges, and the little things help couples to stay and feel connected.   Who would have thought?

That is just one more example of what can be learned in the areas of relationship and emotional intelligence.  Falling in love is easy, living happily ever after is hard.  Keep learning about intimacy and true love and your relationship will thank you for it!





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